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Celebrating A Level Success at SPH

Students at St Philip Howard Catholic Sixth Form are celebrating not just the wonderful A Level results they’ve picked up today, but also how they have triumphed in a year of continued adversity and challenge.

Whilst headline data is not being published for schools this year, individual successes should certainly be recognised. Those with straight A* and A grades include; Lisa Elliot (A*A*A*A*A) will be studying Law at Toulouse University; Michael Siemens (A*A*A*) will study Aeronautical Engineering at Bath University; Mollie Finniear (A*A*A*A*) will study English Literature and History at Durham University and Lucy Owen (A*A*A*A*) will study History and Economics at Oxford University. Ben Lewis (A*A*A* A) plans to study Computer Science and Cyber Security at Southampton University; Anna Buckle (A*A*A) will study Modern Languages and International Relations at Leeds University; Eleanor Fiske (A*A*A) will study Management with Industrial/Professional experience at Manchester University; Millie Folkes (A*A*A) will study Fashion Design at Bath Spa University and Ellisse Heller (A*A*A B) will study Media and Communications at Cardiff University. William Johnstone (A*A*A) will study Modern History and Politics at Southampton University and Taylor Jones (A*A*A) will study Sport and Exercise Science at Chichester University. Luke Petronijevich-McDowell (A* A A), Szymon Kirkiewicz (A A A), Georgia Hunt (A A A), John Joe Harrison (A* A A), Olivia Fliunt (A* A A), Katherine Mak (A A A), Mattis Declas (A A A), Deva Bhopal-Myers (A* A A) and Nia Edwards (A*A*A*) also all came away with a full set of top grades.

David Carter, Headteacher, commented “It is wonderful to see the hard work of our students rewarded with such fabulous grades across the board; whether those are straight A grades or passes which lead to such exciting life-opportunities. We are proud of every single one of our students, not just for the results they have achieved but for the people they have become. In times of challenge, we are reminded that education is so much more than just examinations and I’d like to pay a particular tribute the team around every student; their parents at home who have always offered us such fantastic support and the staff at school who never fail to amaze me with the commitment, care and hard work they put in. These results are thoroughly deserved and we wish all of our students every success”.

Nesta McNeil, Head of Sixth Form, said “I am so thrilled to witness the successes of this very special cohort of students who have demonstrated high levels of tenacity and resilience over these last 2 years. I am so excited about the new ventures which await them; whether that is in the world of work and apprenticeships or at University.  We wish them luck and look forward to charting their successes in the future.”

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GCSE Success at SPH

After another unsettled and disjointed year, GCSE students at SPH have dug deep to deliver a fantastic set of results. Whilst headline data is not being published for schools this year, their individual successes should certainly be recognised.

Amongst the cohort of 159 students, 36 students managed to achieve straight 9-7 in at least 8 GCSE subjects and some even more! Thomas Owen achieved an incredible 10 GCSEs at a Grade 9 and an A in his additional Maths. Ben Chambers, Louise Thomas, Cerys Dickinson, Ethan Guppy and Thomas Murtagh all achieved 10 GCSEs with all grade 9’s and 8’s. Kyran Creighton-Moore, Lily Yeoman, Matilde Agosti, Daisy Thompson, Sanjana Binoj, Jakub Pac, Katie O’Flinn, India Cleall, Katherine Da Silva, Joshua Main and Alec Hedger all managed to achieve 10 GCSEs with the top grades of 7-9. Nationally on average students sit 9 GCSEs and so it is with great credit that the following all achieved 9 GCSEs at grades 7-9: Bridget Martin, Thomas Fisher, Lily Myerscough, James Caldow, Will Brook, Sachin Bhopal-Myers, Sophie Purcell, Joe Skaptason, Theo Martin, Daisey Park, Josh McOwan and Lucy Taylor.

David Carter, Headteacher, commented “The results achieved by all our wonderful students is a testament to their hard work, determination in a year of continued uncertainty and their positive approach to all that they do. We are incredibly proud of each and every student for not just their stunning results but for the young men and women they have become. They head into the wider world; to the Sixth Form, Colleges and Apprenticeships as well-rounded, kind, capable and caring individuals. Thank you to all those who have been instrumental to that journey – our wonderful staff and parents who always walk the extra mile to do the right thing.”

Andrew Clarke, Head of School, commented “Our Year 11 are simply an outstanding group of young people! The sheer hard-work this cohort has shown over the last year is admirable to say the least and is something that we can all learn a lot from.  Working with young people is an absolute privilege anyway, but, on a day like today, when you see young people achieve, it fills you with a real sense of joy; safe in the knowledge that these young people are going to go out into the big wide world and make a real difference.”

Paddy Kinal, Head of Year 11, said I am delighted for all the pupils who are receiving their results today. As their Head of Year, it has been wonderful witnessing them grow into fantastic young people, who have met the challenges of the past two years with great resilience and courage. It has been a privilege to work with such great young people and it fills me with great pride to be able to see the pupils fulfil their potential here at SPH and look forward to the next stage of their education”


The Sixth Form at SPH is open to all students in the local area, regardless of whether they have previously studied at SPH or not. Those wishing to apply should go to the website, email or come visit the school on Thursday 2nd September to enroll.

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